Abhishek Sharma

Why do they go aaouuuu?!

At some point in your life, I'm sure you must have been to a concert or a party(or anything of the sorts) where you see the dude on the stage usher the crowd, and (you) see the crowd go,"Aaaaaa!,"ooouuuuu!",or,"ulululul!".

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Ever wondered why do we do this? Don't worry if you didn't, cause I did. So.. I sat upon my metaphorical thinking chair and thought about it. There definitely must be someone who's started this ultra natural,deeply ingrained act of doing "aaaouuuu!",right?. As all things have a start point, I went way back to the foundation of all our habits- to the beginning of everything ; early humans.


I think the art of aaoouu began way back when the early humans hadn't developed something called as a language and communicated with each other through grunts and gestures;when we'd hunt animals with our pre-historic tools and eat raw meat. I believe back then when the man used to hunt in groups, they'd cheer one another with noises similar to "aaaoouu","Ululul" and "aaaa".


And as time progressed, we started speaking in languages, getting our processed foods packed and home delivered; yet this gesture remained ingrained into our DNA that makes us go "Aaaoouhhh!" whenever we feel pumped.

Hope you enjoyed my first article of "Unravelling or Rambling - with Abhishek". PS:- Follow my account to get some more of my piece of mind. Till then, wishing you peace of your mind.


Apr 15, 9:38 AM
Hahaha 😂